image sequence exporting issues

I have Toon Boom Harmony, Advanced version and I’m trying to export a png image sequence without a background so I can edit in After Effects. I did select ‘colour with transparency’ but it still exporting with a white background.

I have tried various other things, like turning colour card off and none work. Png4 does not show up as an option when I click export images. I do not have node view either to correct this manually.

Screenshot provided.

Please help! My deadline is looming!

Look for the numeral 5 in this guide:

It looks like the PNG4 is a Premium thing.

Ah, and avoid using Color Cards, it fills the transparent space with color information.

Thanks Scardario, I removed the colour card already and it didn’t change anything unfortunately.

Sadly, I think you are right, PNG4 is a premium thing, which is bad on Toon Boom’s behalf if true.

The guide I mentioned says, in the numeral 5, that by changing the colour mode you can set the result to transparency.