image sequence export naming conventions

when i export an image sequence, animate names the files “name-1.tif” through “name-4000.tif”. this causes ordering/sorting problems with reading the image sequences in some applications like final cut pro. i would like to have it name them ascending with 0’s in the incrementing filenames, so the above would instead be “name-0001.tif”, “name-0002.tif” and so on.

i am unable to find a way to set this or adjust the preferences to do so, any ideas? i’d really like to not have to post-process the filenames after the export.

i see animate pro has a “leading zero’s” option. jeez, do i really need to spend another $1500 just to have these leading zeros? that seems like it really ought to be a core feature! maybe that’s not exactly what i’m after, but it sounds like the case (needs to be “smart” enough to know to name like “0001”, then “0010”, then “0100”, etc. – not just put the zeros in regardless of the count).

i assume some people have some work-arounds for this?

i used (mac os x) to rename the sequence. not a big deal, pretty fast actually, but would be great to do this in animate directly.

I understand your problem and it will be a feature request for the next version of Animate.

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