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Hello every body
Hello every body after I scaned a drawing and traced it with the light box how do I animate the drawing ?


How exactly did you plan on animating it? If you wanted to make a puppet you should cut down your character in pieces and make your rigging. If you were planning on working in a more traditional way you should simply get a sequence of drawings imported and at most use the transform tool to move things around over time.

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What’s the transform tool ?
After I scanned in the drawing can I animate just part of the drawing like a tail or wind ?

thank you for the reply.

The transform tool is used in the camera view to animate a layer. The complete layer will be transformed.

To animate part of the drawing, you can convert the scanned bitmap layer to vector and cut out the parts of the drawings you want to animate.

Another way to animate a part of a drawing is to use the new bones functionality.