image resize

Hi All -

I brought in a png image, went to properties to adjust it and regardless of the values I enter, nothing happens… seems like a crap shoot when I bring in an image to manipulate as sometimes I can adjust it, sometimes I can’t - kind of makes me wonder if there is some sort of a setting I need to set to allow me to adjust the size or direction… I had gone back into photoshop, increased the size there and brought it back into TB3, but it only filled the grid as it had done with the previous one - I tried to increase the grid size through preferences but that did no good either … could not shrink the image, move it, or anything … anyone have any suggestions? i appreciate any help…thanks in advance, dan


One thing I could see being in cause is the fact that you are currently working in the Drawing view to resize. All the deformations should be seen in the Camera view.

Just confirm this so we can eliminate this possibility and we will try looking further if it does not fix the situation.

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Hi Ugo -

Great to hear from you … that was the answer… I knew it had to be something simple … thanks, I do appreciate it … Dan

Hi Pat,

Glad this fixed it. If you have some more difficulties let me know.