Image Rendering Issues


I am having two issues that I cannot seem to remedy on my own.

First, when I import PNG files into my animations, they are not appearing as their normal size that I have set them to in Photoshop. I have made sure to uncheck the “fit to width of camera” option, but still the images appear blown up by default. Is there any way to change this?

My second problem deals with the way the PNGs and PSDs in my animations render in the final swf file. If, for example, I make an image of a 200x200 pixel guitar and import it, scaling it to about a 200x200 size, the image appears great within studio 4.5, but when I render the swf, the image looks jagged as if not anti-aliased. If I go back into Photoshop and blow the image up to some ridiculous size like 900x900, import it back into studio, and then scale it down to its intended size, it appears smooth when rendered. I wouldn’t mind this issue, but it gets tedious to have to constantly blow up my images and then scale them back down. This happens to both the PNGs with transparencies as well as layered PSDs. I have the quality settings for the render all at max values, so I am not sure why this problem is occurring.

I would greatly appreciate anybody’s help!

Let me give you some recommendations for the use of imaging pixels.
The size in pixels must match the format of video taken to render a 72 dpi. You can´t zoom in. Field 12 in PAL D1, 720 x 576 px at 72 dpi. Field 6, the factor is 2 (6x2 = 12) and the image should be 1440 x 1152 px at 72 dpi and can zoom in from field 12 to field 6, no more. Field 3 to the factor is 4 (4x3 = 12) and so on.
200 x 200 px is not suficient data, must be 200 x 200 x 72 dpi, and this is 1/3 of field 12 area. Don´t zoom in this image more than 1/3 of field 12. You can zoom back as much as you want. I hope these data will be useful.

OHHHHHH!!! I didn’t even think of the variable distance of the camera! Thank you!!!