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I’m migrating from Flash to ToonBoom and I’m having a real noob moment. In Flash, if you create a circle and you want to make it exactly 60 pixels wide, you just enter 60 in the properties panel. I can’t seem to find this setting in Animate. What am I overlooking?

Hi Lily,
I am frequently given a set of specs to follow, such as an image size, or a box for some text, or when two or more different elements need to share a common width or height- quite often, actually. And aren’t all vector programs resolution independent ?
I love Animate- to the point where I no longer use anything else for animating, unless I have to. It’s just that when precision is a must, it can be difficult when the only dimension of an object you have to work with is a scaled ratio of the object itself.

Hi Lily
OK, I think I understand what you’re saying.
Yes, I do animation for online games. Someone else lays out a design and tells me what she wants, at what size and where, and also does the action scripting. I make all the little critters and the paths they run around on, and the objects they shoot at, carry around or jump over, etc.
I am so over trying to design and animate in Flash, and CS4 was the last bug-infested straw for me, so overall I am thrilled to have discovered TBA. :slight_smile:
I guess I’m just saying that in a perfect world, it would be nice to have the option to have a consistent unit of measurement that I can apply across all my visual elements.

for game art I just set the resolution of the scene to the size of the texture you are trying to make. Then it gives you a guide to work from.

Hi Raider,
I’m not sure what you mean by “texture”. ???


Most of the uses for Animate with games involves “sheets”, which in coding terms is often called a texture.

here is an example of a really old mario one

So whatever size your coder wants you set it too. It works really well.

Hi Ed,

Well we handle the size and properties a little bit different than Flash. We decided not to go with pixels as a unit to work with - and the reason for this is that we are resolution independent. Meaning, you can start out with your project at NTSC for example, then scale it up to HD, and it will scale up your artwork accordingly - so having a width of 60 pixels is not as useful as having a relative scale. So you could select your circle after you draw it and you can scale it to be 50% of its current size, but you can’t just set it to be 60 pixels.

Can I ask why you need to do this? This isn’t a request that I’ve actually heard of before, and maybe if I need to know why you need to do it I might be able to come up with a better workflow for you. If it’s something you absolutely need to be able to do, then we can add it as a feature request for future versions of the software.


I’m just curious why you’re given such specifics - are you doing animations for the web?

In any case, we can submit a feature request for this for future versions of the software.

What I meant by the resolution thing is this - when I take a Flash file for example, and I change the scene size from the default to HD, what it does is it gives me extra white space around the image - it doesn’t automatically scale my drawings to fit the new size. So in this case, when I change resolution, what was before 50 pixels wide is still 50 pixels wide in the new resolution.

Since this isn’t how we do things, it would just be more complex, because the number would change. However this might not be an issue for you if you set up your resolution carefully ahead of time.

It all comes back to the fact that we were originally designed as a traditional animation tool, so we were never using pixels as a unit, we were using fields - and everything is relative. But I understand that as more people are doing things for the web having a pixel dimension becomes useful.


I think what he means is that if she tells you that she wants your critter to be 100 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall, then you can just adjust your scene settings by going to Scene > Scene Settings, then change your resolution to 100 x 150. Then you know you’re working in the right spot.

Thanks for sharing your workflow with us! We’re finding that a lot of companies in gaming are starting to use our products and we’re really looking forward to making some improvements that might help with that workflow - I’ll definitely put your request in - I can’t guarantee it’ll be done but at least the feedback will be there!


I heart the Mario image!