image problem

I have toon boom pro. the problem i,m having is when i select 3D layer

properties,then click on the transform, i,m able to transform my image in 3D

different ways with no background. when i use a background of a photo or

acartoon scene part of my image will disapeer on the background when i

manipulate the transform of my image. frustrating, why do i have this problem.

Are you using Animate Pro 2? I just tried it on mine and it worked just fine.

What I did was I imported an image, then I unchecked the options for vectorise to leave it as a bitmap image. I rotated it in y and it was fine, both in the OpenGL view and in the Render View.

I tried the same thing with a vectorised image. I imported my image and selected the option for Vectorise with Colour, and then I enabled 3D and rotated my image in y. It showed up fine in both OpenGL and in Render View.

Is there anything that you’re doing differently from me? Are you vectorising the image or leaving it as a bitmap? Does it show up in the render view, just not in OpenGL? Or does it disappear in both views?

Is your background image layer attached to any effects like a cutter? Or is it attached to a composite?

Can you link a screenshot of what it looks like and what your network view looks like. You can upload the screenshot to a free site like photobucket then post the link here.