Image manipulation

Hi All -

Though not happy about it, I understand you cannot import colored bitmaps into a drawing element and have them not be converted into a grayscale format thus leaving no other choice but to utilize images. (the detail of the images are too much to trace and recolor in a drawing element - if I could figure out how to add feathered shading, I might give it a shot)
To the issue. I have photos I need to bring into TB and scale/rotate them over a timeline (Give the appearance of approaching the object in the photo). I imported the image from a file, attached it to a peg and tried to scale it in the properties window - nothing happened. I tried adding a peg, setting the scale/rotation parms then importing the image - still nothing. My thought was to have one image per peg - did not work - I need one image element with the images beneath it to be scaled and rotated by varying degrees…
Essentially I need the image to rotate 360 degrees like an airplane spinning downwards towards the ground out of control …
Thanks in advance… d

YOu could try to use photoshop or something scale them in that then import them to toonboom (It does totally suck that you cant import bitmaps >:()

Hey j -

I had tried photoshop, but the final effect looked ragged… what I ended up doing was going into Maya and doing it there - took tons of time longer - since I had to learn the software (hats off to anyone who is an expert in it - real tough) … my hope is that in one of the newer versions coming out that TB offers a workable solution … thanks, D

I know this is a long shot patndan but do you have Adobe Flash?
- reason being that it is possible to manipulate bitmaps in Flash then import the resultant .swf into TBS. If the frame rate is sync’d (same in both applications) the result can be fairly good.
For sure you can achieve the rotation you speak of…

As I say it is “a long shot” as you might not have access to Flash. I just thought I’d mention it.

IF you have Photoshop, you could use Imageready, which exports .swf format.