Image importing blacked out/ Pencil settings

Hi, I’m having a problem importing png colored images into a trial version of the new Harmony Premium software. I have followed the tutorial, when I try to vectorize the image and import it it imports in blacked out almost completely. I’ve tried everything to rectify the problem but can’t find a solution. Could it be that it won’t allow me because it is a trial version, if so, that totally sucks !! Why would I buy it then if I can’t try it out properly?? One other issue that’s bothering me, what’s the story with the pencil/ brush settings? Is it not possible to have the settings as in Photoshop, ie. to be able to build up a pencil/ brush stroke instead of nailing it first time? I come from a traditional animation background and want to do Key-Assistant Clean-Up freelance work. The traditional way of cleaning up drawings can only be done by building up your pencil line to give dimension and quality to your drawings. I know they have all the fancy features to manipulate the line digitally but that’s not the way I like to do it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I love the Photoshop options with opacity and pressure settings, can this be replicated in Toon Boom?
Thanks for any guidance, Damien G.

The trials are fully functional with a few exceptions but nothing that interferes with testing and learning how the software works.

If you are weighing your purchase decision on a response to your questions you should contact Sales or Support. Let them describe in detail what the software is capable of. This is just a user forum and you may or may not receive a thorough response.

I don’t have the latest Harmony 12 and only have Animate Pro 3. They had shared many things which functioned identically between the two programs up to Harmony 11.

I have been able to import a PNG file in an assortment of ways. If importing anything I prefer using a PSD as a structure for the vector tools in the software.

Can you describe in more detail the process you are trying to use when referring to Photoshop?

Animate Pro and Harmony offer a lot of custom pencil and brush tool options but art for animation and animating art is the objective. You can build up lines but you have to keep in mind what you are working with. Are you expecting to take a pile of sketchy lines you have built up and have that move as a single line object when animated? The way it is done in this software is to use separate layers and the light table. You sketch on one layer with a brush. Then go over those lines on another layer with a pencil or brush refining the sketch. Then you draw the perfect lines on another layer. At least this is the way they do it in the tutorials.