image flips in camera view?

After spending some time in drawing view doing a frame by frame animation when I switched to camera view I discovered that the image was upside down.
I can’t find a way to rectify it, can anybody out there help as I don’t want to do the drawings again.
Cheers ???

The difference between the Drawing View and the Camera View is that the Drawing View does not show any keyframe information. So at some point, you must have flipped that drawing layer in the Camera View.

You can either just re-flip that drawing layer, or you can delete the keyframe and do an Animation > Reset to clear the animation on it. To re-flip, just select that drawing layer and in the Tool Properties of your Transform tool, there’s the option to Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical. If you turn the Animate button on, it will keyframe the change that you make. If you turn the Animate button off, it will flip all of the keyframes on that drawing layer.