Image export

One crucial export option I feel is mission from Animate Pro 2.0 is image export. The reason for image export is in game animation you have to create sprite sheets, applications such as Zwoptex help with this, as well as others. Nearly all of these require image sequences. Currently I have to export as a quicktime with alpha then open in After Effects and export the sequences. I tried to use Quicktime Pro for this but it leaves a slight black outline around the alpha edge which is unacceptable.

Another reason for PNG TIFF and TARGA export is backup, when you work with large video files and your drive fails or something gets corrupted you loose the whole video, where with image sequences you may only loose one or two images which you can cope with.


This is already available. Simply go to File > Export >Render Network.

What this does is it renders according to the settings on your Write node. So simply configure your Write node by clicking on the little yellow options box on the node in the Network.

Here you can set the location to save the image sequence, as well as the image type. There are a variety of image formats available, including PNG, TIF and TGA.

Hope this helps.

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