Image capture does'nt recognize my digital camera

I disabled my web cam as that kept coming up, then tried my canon sx20is. under device nothing shows up, yet my computer recognizes the camera ! anyone have a solution ?

You can try updating the drivers of your camera from the manufacturer’s website and rebooting the computer.

If TBS still does not find the camera it is most likely not compatible.

The standard cameras we can suggest for use with Toon Boom Studio 6, are webcams; if compatible with your Operating System.

Handy tips when doing stop motion in Toon Boom Studio:

1. To enhance image quality, adjust your lighting for your scene (the area you are taking pictures of).

2. Position your webcam to get the best shots and angles. Use household or classroom items as you wish, for example:
stack books and anchor your webcam securely on top: be creative!

3. To optimize sharpness and avoid blur, set your “Auto Capture” to 5 seconds in Toon Boom Studio capture;
then test and adjust time as needed.