Image Capture difficulties

I’m trying to create my first Stop-Motion film, and I’m having trouble getting the software to recognize that my camera is hooked up and ready to go. From the Help and User Guide sections, it says to go to FILE>ACQUIRE>FROM CAPTURE DEVICE>DEVICE, and then choose your input device (camera) from the drop-down menu. The only camera Toon Boom recognizes is my iMac’s built-in webcam.

In Knowledge Base there is an entry regarding recognition difficulties and it says to close Toom Boom and restart it, then plug in your camera, but that doesn’t work either. I’m at a loss here; I’ve used this camera many times in the past as an input device using iPhoto software with no problem.

Can anyone help?

In Toon Boom Studio, I experience most video capture that works is web cam (ex, Logitech) so built-in web cam on your iMac would work as you said but I am not sure if your digital Camera would work.