Image-Based Particles

I want to try and use a TGA image sequence as the visual element in a particle system, and it works in the OpenGL view, but this doesn’t carry over to render. It seems like this would be a standard feature, especially because it appears to work fine in OpenGL.
Is there some module I need to connect or a setting in one of the particle system modules thats needed?

Thanks cartoonexplosion!

This actually is happening in Harmony, not animate.
I was blissfully unaware of subsections.

Have you tried to see it in render view if it renders the particles?
In general, the result in render view will be the final output especially for the effects. Render view is designed to have a scoop if the result in effects without render. The OpenGL view is mostly for scene planning and animating although it supports some effects shown in OpenGL view. If the render view shows fine but the result is not, check the option you are using is either for display module or using write modules (one for movie export option and second is for render network option for drawings and movies).
By the way, there is Harmony forums that you should post it from there.