Imac or Mac Pro - Any Views?

I need to get a new Mac. My current Imac G5 single core has developed a fault - but it was always sluggish with TBS4 with many element scenes. And it took almost 2hrs to render 2 minutes.

Would anyone say the best spec Imac G5 duo core is sufficient for working with big TBS projects - making the Mac Pro an overkill choice? Or would I benefit massively from the additional processing power of the Power Mac?

Hi Grenspleen,

of course you would. I don’t think, there is something like when it comes to animation - even if you’re working on a mac.

I am working on an iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz with 3 GBs of RAM. (I’m doing TBS animation, a little bit of CGI rendering and lots of Music production). Everything works smooth and fine so far. But, yes, I do push my computer to its limits, sometimes :wink:


Thanks for your reply.

It would seem a current top Imac will suffice with TBS and even Digital Pro - according to forum users. With the basic 8 processor Power Mac I’ve read you need to build a configuration to enable usage of all the processors to really ramp up the speed with single software programs. In other words, without being able to compare a top end Imac and a basic Power Mac rendering from TBS, I can’t be sure there would be a significant difference. Only if I shell out maybe another few thousand on the Power Mac can I be confident of a massive speed enhancement. There’s the rub!