I'm wondering if there is a feature in Toon Boom like what I describe here.

I’m wondering if there is a feature in Toon Boom where I can have lines snap to the red or green lines present in a onion-skinned project. Where, for example, I’m drawing a complicated face and instead of redrawing every frame I instead can have my lines, at least the ones that aren’t going to be moving, snap to a green or red projection. Then I can maybe move the lines just a bit to where I need them and then keep building from there; frame-to-frame again and again. Perhaps after each stroke it can “intelli-snap” to those lines. Perhaps with each stroke, maybe with a special variant of the tool in question be that pencil or brush, it asks you if you want to snap to green, red, or none. I guess that feature doesn’t exist and I gotta do some weird copy-paste thing and I’m lazy so I don’t like doing that because then I gotta mess with the timeline and that’s… just sticky.

It’s another stupid feature request, as I assume it might just be, so toodles.

Thanks for reading.

Here’s a cat. :3