I'm using SBPRO 20 but SBPRO 7 keeps launching

I’ve got a problem that’s more and more annoying. Hopefully someone can give me a solution.
When I double click on a sboard or sbpz file, Storyboard Pro 7 launches instead of Sbpro 20. What change do I need to do to change it to where SBPRO 20 launches instead of 7

OS would help.

Windows 10 you could try and do a repair by going into Settings>Apps & features, then find ‘Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 20’ and click Modify, then repair. This will hopefully make TBSBP20 the default.

Or you can right click on a *.sboard file and select Open with… and open with TBSBP20.

Just some ideas.

OS? isn’t that win 10?

Thanks for the suggestions. tried the modify/repair. Unfortunately it did not fix the problem.
I tried the second suggestion before I posted my question here. Of course it did not work.
Strange thing is windows does not give me a choice between 7 or 20. It just displays “Toon Boom Storyboard pro” nothing else.

I don’t know if you would want to try to uninstall ‘Storyboard Pro 7’. Then see if the files open in ‘TBSBP20’, if that works then reinstall ‘TBSBP7’ and see if ‘TBSBP20’ stays default.

If anything you can always contact support and see what they say.