I'm tired of toon boom.

Enough. I’m really tired. It took me half a day just to animate a drawing. It 's a program too structured, there are too many steps to make even the simplest animations (the peg should be eliminated).
Now re-use flash, which strangely I have never had problems.

Sorry for the criticism, but it is essential to speed up the production of an animation, and this program will not let me. bye

what are you going to use then

Hi Honeypearle

It’s the other way round for me, I found Anime Studio to be easy because of the morphing system and the bone structure.

Now that Toon Boom has bones instead of the joints which I always found where some where other than where I put them.

The richness of both Toon Boom and Anime Studio should not be missed. I can now see a way to use both of them in one project.

So our friend who started this thread may be encouraged, hopefully by my experience.


From South Wales. U.K.

I hear ya man. I had the previous gripes with TB before, and although its a wonderful product I also agree that it is pretty hard to use. Lately I’ve been following a program that I used before for facial photo animation.

The new version is called CrazyTalk Animator and I am surprised to see how extremely easy it is to animate. You no longer have to draw, rig, or do key-by-key animation.

The people who made this software have literally changed the rules of the game and you might want to give it a try. Im just waiting for my next pay day to get my copy.

You can download a free copy here >> http://goo.gl/fRMT1

I guarantee you will animate in less than 5 minutes.

Ya’ll are kidding right? :o

I bought version 5 and I absolutely love it. Difficult- no way!!!.. Flash is so much harder- don’t know where the previous comments come from; but, my experience has been nothing short of extremely pleased with TBS- less, they won’t let me affiliate on my blog, I just want to show my pride in it… boneheads.

Still, again- Toon Boom Studio is nothing short of Amazing, with a capital “A”.