I'm starting to lose hope in Toon Boom Harmony...

So I just started to try toon boom Harmony today, but looking at all of the buttons and such looks very intimidating. It doesn’t look very promising at all, and I dont even know where I should even start on this program. I have dealt with other animation programs, but I’ve never seen any programs that looked this intimidating and uncomfortable before. It doesn’t seem very self explanatory at all… and I’ve seen other people who use toon boom Harmony and they use it like its nothing (yes, I know taht they are more experienced than I am, but still). I dont know where to start. What can I do?

There are lots of videos on Youtube. Search “Toon Boom Harmony for Beginners” It does not really matter which version they used at this point for you. The level (as in Essentials, Advanced or Premium) is more important. You are looking for a general introduction to get a sense of the software workflow. I like some presentations better than others but they are all useful.

Here is one just grabbing it at random, Jessie Jones is a fun guy to watch work.


Another is Oli Putland