I'm So Happy

Yes! Finally I have my own Animate Pro edition. I know this is not interesting for you all but I’m so happy I had to tell.

On the contrary, I know exactly how you feel. This program is my favorite toy, no question about it. Now go make that mega-cool animation you’ve been dreaming about! ;D

Welcome to the PRO side >8D

lol i love it.

You will be suprised how much you like network view. At first i wasn’t sure that feature added that much, but now I realise that is the single biggest reason to get pro.

And the biggest? (oh sorry, single biggest means the biggest?)

yeah it does.

I love network view.

I thought the 3D stuff would be my favourite feature, but I have found to a degree I was hoping it would be a shortcut while in reality mixing 2D and 3D elements has limited use and you have to be clever to use it. Like the best use is like buildings going down a street can look awesome, but in a lot of situations you are still better off drawing.

Instead now I am making 3D elements in 3D software and using it to rotoscope. I feel i get better results.

Yes I’m sorry, my english fails me sometimes.

The network view and the 3d where the two reasons I bought the Pro version.
My new wacom pen arrives today, so I can finally start. I think I will first watch the tutorials again.

I’m just learning Toon Boom Animate, so I don’t know if Pro is right for me or I can get away with just the regular version. Good to hear feedback that some animators think Pro is worth it! I guess I better keep trying to figure it out before I make the purchase.

Try the PLE of both is the best way.

It really depends what you want to do and if you will use the additional features to if it is worth it. Standard is powerful and capable of making great animations. A lot of the time it would be impossible to tell which one they are made in.

I know your excitement, I was equally excited when I got Storyboard Pro, I told all of facebook about it. Now If I could only get my hands on Animate Pro I would never bother god for anything ever again! ::slight_smile: