I'm new to this!

Hello! I’ve just joined the community and was wondering how to get ToonBoom studio… I can’t find the download link for it, and it’s not in the ‘PRODUCTS’ section of the site. Also… is any of the software free? I can’t afford to pay monthly for an animation program at the moment, and honestly just want to try out ToonBoom to see how I like it. ;w; ~ Thanks for reading.

As far as I know Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro are the Only software currently available, no free software only a 21 day trial license for either product.

Hi Toxy,

Toon Boom Studio is a discontinued product. We recommend the TBS users to migrate to Harmony Essentials. You can download trial version of all three editions of Harmony (Essentials, Advanced, and Premium) to see if one would suit you best.

Also, for the monthly subscription, you are not locked into a yearly commitment. You could decide to purchase it for a month or two only.

I hope this helps.


is it a trial version?
If I buy a full license do I get the full version or a full license file ?

Hi Nicky,

The trial version is free for 21 days.
The paid version is the same regardless is you buy a monthly subscription, yearly subscription, or perpetual license.
It’s the full version.
The only difference is based on what edition you buy (Essentials, Advanced, Premium)


I hope this helps,


If I buy a perpetual license is it forever like 10-20 year license?, if so what happens if i need to use it on a new OS or replace hard drive it’s installed on or whole new pc do i have to activate again online?, and is it a one pc only perpetual license i.e do I have to pay for each additional activation on additional pcs?

If you want to install the perpetual license on another computer you will deactivate it on the old computer and then activate it on the new computer.

If you cannot afford any software subscription or a full perpetual license, why not start animating in OpenTOonz and Krita? Both are open source, and free.

At least it will allow you to start animating in animation software, and when you are financially more secure, you can always get a license of Harmony. And it is good to become software agnostic.

i dont care about Opentoonz or Krita, toon boom is the best in my eyes.

I was responding to the original poster (this forum format is a bit confusing) - Toon Boom is great, but the OP has no money to spend on it. Just a year ago he/she would have had to put up with rather lackluster alternatives.

Luckily the situation has completely changed with the open source alternatives out there now: anyone who wants to start animating on a computer has access to a powerful alternative, even when he/she has no money to spend on software. And OT works fine even on comparably very low grade hardware, which is also democratizing animation software, and making it accessible to new (hobby and amateur) animators out there.

Which is great for 2d animation in general. :slight_smile: