I'm just not figuring out how to

I can’t figure out how to do a certain scene.

What I am wanting to do is for the opening scene is make it look like your in a pipe, I have a circle with dark colors to make it look like a pipe and I want to make the name of the cartoon to start very small and like you are getting closer to it and it gets bigger and bigger for at least 30 frames then you go right through it, like its letters hanging. I have it set up to zoom in to the letters and that works fine but now when I go to my Tunnel Element it is also small, zoomed in. I want it to stay the same size, never move just the words/letters. I want to do three or four that way, like who the producer is, director etc.

How do I go about doing this?

If I understand your description correctly your text elements are moving and the pipe element is stay fixed. So you want to animate the scale of the text across a sequence of frames while holding the pipe constant. To do this you just need to key frame the beginning scale of your text at the start frame of the text scaling and key frame the ending scale of the text at the end frame of the scaling of the text and just set the segment between those two scale key frames to non-constant. You can also use the function editor to control if you want the scaling progression to be other than linear. (IE Slow out - Slow in, etc.)

You are scaling the text element only. -JK

Ok, thank you very much!

I’ve been reading, and reading the user guide but I just couldn’t figure that one out.

Glad you found the advice useful. Software user’s guides are designed, at best, to explain how the functions and features of the software operate. Fundamental animation skills and even more advanced animation techniques are really beyond the scope of user manuals, which is why people write tutorials and we have a Q&A forum.

But there are also many great sources of animation knowledge available in the form of books written on the subject. One of the clear advantages of Toon Boom’s set up is that it is based on traditional animation approaches that date back to pre-computer assisted days. So studying and understanding how people solved animation problems in the 1940’s - 1990’s is a great way to then learn how to take full advantage of TBS. Most of that historical knowledge can be translated to and applied to TBS. -JK

That does make a lot of sense. I have found some very helpful videos on youtube, they have helped me out a lot.

I am very happy with Toon Boom Studio and I know it will do everything I want to do, plus more.

Thanks for a great product at a great value!

I can’t seem to figure it out (I’m trying to think to hard I know because I set off the smoke detectors in my house) :wink:

My Pipe element still wants to start out small just like my letters, I guess I’m not separating them.

This is what I have done: I added another camera to do the zoom out of the letters and then zoomed in to them in 30 frames. (And now I did the key frame and made it non constant).

But when it is zoomed out so is my tunnel, how do I separate them. I am at a lost.


Do you really need a second camera? Wouldn’t the zoom effect
be created not by moving the camera, but by setting key frames using
the scale tool on the text, and gradually scaling it larger or smaller
over the 30 frames. This way the camera doesn’t zoom and the tunnel
appears the same size. Think this is what JK was suggesting. Sorry if
I misunderstood.



I was so “Tunnel” visioned on the zoom in/out camera that I was overlooking the words “Scale” in JK’s post. Thanks for waking me up Dan.

I got it now, it’s doing exactly what I wanted it to do, and it was so easy to do.

Thanks Dan and JK!

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