I'm having mouth elements disappear too

Just like every other person on the board, after I sync everything up and hit playback, the mouth elements disappear completely. I tried watching a help video someone posted in another entry but there was no picture.

Can anyone help? This is way frustrating and it looks to be a common problem people have with this. I have version 5.

Are you sure you have followed the proper procedure? Reviewing the procedure, we first import the sound into a sound element. Then, cut the track if necessary in sound editor. Check streamed and select the sound in sound element and press the button lip-sync, this compute your sound in A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-X eight named phonemes, which MUST MATCH with the name you created in the cells drawing element intended to lip-sync. If your item is called: mouth, then you need: mouth-A, mouth-B and so on. With this coincidence of names you will not need to make changes to Modify Lip Sync Mapping. If their mouths had other names, you would place in this table, next to the phoneme corresponding to the default. Example: A - 1, B - 2 etc., and finally at the top of the table element must indicate the source and destination element. Toon Boom Studio places each phoneme of your audio into place automatically, and then you can manually make tweaks to improve lip sync. Everything should go very well. Best Regards. Yoryo.

Unfortunately I haven’t made any progress with your suggestions. I’ve got some screencaps to show you how I have things set up. Can you tell from these what I’m missing or have set up incorrectly? Thank you very much for your help - it is much appreciated!

My timeline in general - http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h67/showalum/overallscreen.jpg

The lip sync mapping - http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h67/showalum/lipsync_mapping.jpg

What the sound editor look like - http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h67/showalum/soundeditor.jpg

Ok, the problem is that you have placed in your timeline at the different positions of the element drawing mouth as INDEPENDENT ELEMENTS, and that’s not how it works in Toon Boom Studio.
All the positions of the mouth should be placed in separate cells of a SINGLE ELEMENT called Mouths, so to see him on the cells panel you can do swap cells between them. This is precisely what it will do for you Toon Boom Studio when you request from compute lip sync sound editor.
Do this, create a drawing element called Mouths, copy and paste drawing object, from each individual element, on the Mouths element, in a new cell, one followed the other, so, you have all the mouths ABCDEFGX cells and thereby appointed, mouths-A,mouths-B and so on. Check that everything has been copied and named correctly in the Mouths element of the project and discard all the individual elements previously created. Open Modify Lip Sync Mapping and map as a destination sound the item: Mouths. Now Brad can speak in lip sync as you wish. Yoryo.

Awesome - you pointed me in the right direction! It’s working now. Thank you so much for all your help, Yoryo!