I'm having a lot of problems with keyframes ...

Hey everyone,
Usually I’m lenient to post on a forum, but browsing through this one, I saw a lot of people getting good help. So here goes. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t seem to animate things at all. I follow the tutorials word for word, and get my character all set up with parent/child relationships, and set the pivot points. Then I extend the exposure of all lines to about 15 frames or so, create a keyframe in the first frame, and then go to the 15th frame and create a keyframe. Then I move the character in the last frame, hoping that it will animate that movement, like it says it will in the tutorial, but when I go back to the first frame again, the character is in the same place he is in the last frame.
What am I doing wrong? It’s like, instead of moving the character on the last keyframe, it’s moving him everywhere. Please help, this seems like a great program, but I’m losing my mind.

It sounds like you are using the scene operations “select” tool (6) instead of the scene operations “transform” tool (7) . The “select” tool does not set or address keyframes but it does set global static properties, which would account for what you are describing. The bounding boxes for these two tools look very similar but you can tell the difference by the control handles. The “select” tool bounding box has solid control handles while the “transform” tool bounding box has unfilled control handles. Keep asking questions there are plenty of folks here to assist you. -JK

That was it. Thanks for the speedy reply! I’m off to animate!