I'm getting an error message when TBS 5 opens - says drawing file can't be fou

i have a lenovo thinkpad w/ windows xp, and a qualified graphics card. i managed to successfully complete a project using this computer and this software already, so it’s not the problem of my computer! that said…

help! >:( here is the problem…

when i open my project in tbs 5, i get this error that says “the file drawing-45 is related to a drawing and could not be found. the file may have been moved, renamed, or deleted. further error messages will be suppressed.” (this started happening in scene 4.)

so, i open the problem scene’s project folder, and i go to the scene 4 folder, and i open the drawing files, and as i scroll through the folder, i notice many drawings besides drawing-45 are missing! :o

then i opened the project in tbs 5, i went to scene 4 in the exposure sheet. i do not seem to be missing any drawings in my cells. meaning, when i click various cells in the project, all the drawings are there! also, when i play the scene back, it plays back perfectly, just the way it was meant to! nothing is missing in playback or on the exposure sheet!

here’s the question…

how did this happen?! ??? how did i lose all those drawings files in the FOLDER if they’re still showing up on the exposure sheet and playing back when i export the movie?

is this error message for real?! should i worry?! does this mean there’s something actually wrong with the project?! if i can export it perfectly, and nothing seems to be missing on the exposure sheet, then why won’t this error message go away? or, will something bad happen later on in the project as i continue working on it?

i could just ignore the error message and continue working on the project, but it’s annoying, for one thing. and i’m beginning to worry that perhaps it’s going to effect something else.


would it be a good idea (as a workaround) to create a brand new empty scene and copy all the drawings from the “problem scene 4” (which isn’t a problem PROBLEM, because it does work, the FOLDER just seems to be missing a boat load of drawing files that i personally never renamed, deleted, or moved!!!) and paste them into the new blank scene, then delete scene 4 altogether? that would delete the “problem scene folder.” but, would that actually FIX the problem?

or, should i just ignore the error message (which doesn’t have a name, just describes the problem), and continue working on the project? or, am i setting myself up for destruction?!

help! thanks in advance.

This message appears when a drawing level cannot find one of the drawings files it uses. The drawing folder will contain all of the drawings that have been created in the project. However, not all of these drawings are necessarily used anymore.For example you can create a drawing an then erase it from the exposure sheet or timeline. This drawing will still exist in the folder and the application will still look for it when it launches. If the file is deleted for some reason, the error message will appear but since the drawing is not used in the scene, the playback will be unaffected.You can see the list of your projects assets (drawings) in the Library window. Under the Animation section you will see the list of scene and drawing levels and drawing files. To fix the error message, you can look at the library window with the thumbnail view to find the drawing files that cannot be found by the application.You can then right click the drawing and choose delete drawing to remove the reference to the file and to stop the application from looking for it.Another solution is to select all of the levels in the left of the timeline and create a template by dragging to the global library. Then importing the template into a new scene. This will bring only the drawings that are used in the scene and leave the unused files.

in a way, i kinda figgered it out by myself the other day. i didn’t do exactly what you said, instead i created a whole new scene from scratch and copy & pasted all the files i was using from the old scene into the new scene, then deleted the old scene, and this new scene took its place, and the files went back in order.which goes to show…there’s more than one way to skin a dead cat! :-Xthanks, though, for getting back to me so quickly! :-*