I'm getting a new desktop, will someone let me know if i can run tbs5 on it?

i’m getting a new dell desktop built (needed it to run maya 2010). i just hope i can also run tbs 5 for windows on it!!!

here are the specs, pls let me know where i stand. thank you in advance!!!

Dell Precision T3500

Quad Core Processor E5506 2.13GHz,4M,4.8GT/s

4GB, DDR3 non-ECC SDRAM Memory1066MHz, 4X1GB

768MB PCIe x16 NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 Dual Monitor DVI + 2DP

320GB SATA 3.0Gb/s with NCQ and 16MB DataBurst Cache

C1 All SATA Hard Drives Non- RAID for 1or 2 Hard Drive

No Floppy Drive

Windows 7 Professional Downgrade to XP Professional SP3, Media, Fixed Precision, English

16XDVD-ROM Data Only

Integrated Intel chipset SATA 3.0Gb/s controller

Toon Boom Studio 5.0 should run with no problem on that setup.

ok…here’s the situation…(by the way, thanks for the quick reply!)and the situation is…i couldn’t wait 30 days for dell to build my desktop, so i canceled the order and replaced it w/ a dell precision laptop instead. about the same specs as the desktop, but a somewhat different graphics card.about the graphics card…a tbs rep told me that nvidia quadro fx video cards, while perfect for 3d applications, slow down toon boom studio 5, which is 2d. she said it’s not opengl. she said a geforce graphics card would be better, but thing of it is, is…i need that nvidia quadro fx graphics card to run maya smoothly. so, i’m glad it’ll still work w/ tbs, but hoping this particular nvidia quadro fx model on the laptop that’s coming won’t compromise tbs!again, will you take a look-see at these specs (for the new laptop); i’m biting my nails this graphics card will work well w/ tbs, b/c the sales rep at dell says it’s opengl!!!SPECS:Dell Precision M4400Intel Core 2 Duo P8700, 2.53GHz, 1066MHz 3M L2 Cache, Dual Core4.0GB, DDR2-800 SDRAM, 2 DIMM512MB NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M250GB Hard Drive 9.5MM 7200RPM FFSWindows 7 Professional downgrade to XP Pro SP3, with mediaplease keep the new graphics card in mind in analyzing the new machine!!! thank you in advance!!!