I'm from South America and I'd like to start a prof. studio with Tboom...

Hello everyone!,

About a month ago I decided along with some friends to start a little animation studio here in my little home country in south america; we tried different animation tools and finally decided to stick with Toon Boom Animate Pro since the Trial version we tried was really amazing.

I’ve got to say, though, Toon Boom is a really obscure software here in my home country where Flash is the 2d animation software of preference (and the only one people know anyway).

Nevertheless, we’d really love NOT to use flash and use Toon Boom Animate Pro in our little business so I guess we would definetely have to import the software since there is no store here that even knows what Toon boom is :(, so here are my three questions:

1) How long would it take for the software to arrive when we import it?
2) What would be the necessary steps to make it completely legal and safe to use it in our little business? .
3) And third, How much would all the licensing cost?

Thanks in advance ;D

And sorry for my bad english, If you see any grammatical mistake, please let me know, that’s the only way I’ll learn :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you purchase it is available via instant download.Purchase of it makes anything you create in it yours and legal.The prices are on the website, however if you are buying a number licences you might be able to get a discount (no idea i am not staff) so email support directly and sales will work with you to get something which suits you.

Thank you for answering, I’m glad you could read through my english xD … I already wrote to that email address, I’ll wait for an answer

I’d recommend that you email sales@toonboom.com and they can contact you to answer any questions you might have. We actually do quite a bit of business in South America (I was down in Brazil running a training session not too long ago). We’d love to chat with you to recommend the best way of setting up your studio!


I’ll go ahead and double-check with them and see if they got your email - you should have gotten a response within 24 hours.