Im doing tutorials for Toon Boom Harmony 12 and I would like some ideas for what i should cover

hello everyone, so yeah basically what I said up top is what I am doing but I’d like some ideas on what I should cover in these tutorials. Also anything you guys want i can cover too.

all types of rigging with examples and how to do them

I think what a lot of folks would like to see more tutorials for, involves the construction of TV studio quality rigs and how they are used (and reused) in a production.

I think tutorials that take a project from start to finish, that people can work along with, be it Cutout or traditional. Rather than snippets of different info that don’t always connect. Good on you for doing this.


Deformation rigs, pls. Bones & Curves.

Good Luck!!

where can we watch, and id like to see different ways the effects can be used.

A full start to finish project with multiple characters. Rigging (there are lots of tutorials on drawing and what the basic drawing tools do and they haven’t changed much so gloss over that) including pegs, deformers (bones and curves) and kinematic output, saving a fully rigged character for use in other projects, using symbols to speed up work flow (e.g., hands and mouth phonemes, etc), animating multiple characters or animating single characters and compositing in another program to bring in multiple characters, using 3D for space and then some of the effects. Please explore the node library and how that fits into the whole production flow.

I Agree

yes yes yes, agree