I'm connecting elements in ToonBoom to make a puppet and they disappear, help!

I’m new to ToonBoom but an experienced traditional animator. I’m trying to build a puppet, I have all the pieces laid out, then I drag them on top of each other to connect them and they disappear. They aren’t going behind, and the ‘bring to front’ etc options are disabled. I’m sure its something simple but I can’t find the answer anywhere!
The pieces are layers from a photoshop file I have imported, and I’m using Studio 8.1.
Please help!

You can check by switching to Side View or Top View and see if all the layers are lined up in the same Z offset (a bunch of green lines on top of each other). If so, you can move the layers slightly to the front or to the back relative to each other by (1) dragging in Side/Top View, or (2) typing the Z-offset value in the layer’s Properties pane/tab (the offset box that defaults to ‘0 F’ - use a small number like 0.01 F (i.e. Front), 0.02 B (i.e. Back) to keep the layers close together).

I’m assuming the layers have transparent background. If not, the offset changes won’t help.


  1. When you imported the PS file, did you check “preserve layers?”

  2. Turn on Light Table, (a button at top) and switch the view (these tiny icons are in the right border of your scene’s view) from the Camera View, to the Drawing View. Does your missing art re-appear in the Drawing View?

  3. In your timeline, does the position indicator have every layer visible underneath it? You may need to extend an exposure on a layer.

if this doesn’t seem like the right info, please include a screen capture.

Overall, sometimes commands behave oddly after a few hours, and I just have to quit the program and restart it.