I’m currently a 4th year student at the School of Visual Arts. As you know since I’m a student, I have a license to use ToonBoom products and I was notified today that I needed to renew the programs. However, I keep receiving this notification whenever I try to sign in and I’m not able to renew.

It’s also saying it can’t renew my Storyboard Pro License but I have downloaded the latest version. It’s fine for Harmony Stage though, it’s Storyboard Pro giving me problems.

I have an active account but this isn’t helping matters. Please respond ASAP.

Try removing your expired licenses first:

To do this, open the license wizard from the “License Tools” folder
of the software using the options:
Manage Licenses
Manage Local License
select the license and hit the “Return” button.

Next make sure you’re using the latest version of the software to activate the license.

There’s no expired licenses. I only have the latest version of Harmony.

You are not making yourself very clear. You appear to be contradicting yourself. Your posts are confusing.

You described how you have a license then say there is no license. Responding by saying you downloaded the software isn’t relevant. You can download the software with and without a license.

Have you ever had any version of the software installed and activated on your system? If so you should follow the steps written out by rkriz.

If not you need to explain things clearly.