Illustrator Layers Script

HI All,

Anybody here remember how to fix this broken .AI script for the new Harmony 64bit update? I use this script a ton and sadly it is broken :frowning:

function importIllustrator()
var filename = FileDialog.getOpenFileName( “.ai;.pdf” );
if (filename) {
System.println(“importing " + filename);
var arguments = new Array;
var pdfImport = Application.specialFolders.bin + “/Pdfimport”;

var folderPos = filename.findRev("/");
if (folderPos != -1)
var folder = filename.left(folderPos);
System.println(“folder = " + folder);
if (!folder.isEmpty())


   var ret = Process.execute(arguments, "");
   System.println("returned " + ret);


Hey 14greg, I think that I may have just been experiencing the same problem as you were having. I uninstalled Harmony and then re-installed it and things seem to be importing fine now.

I owned Animate 2 for a couple of years and now I have Harmony 10.0.1. I have been using the new Harmony program for a while now and today I went to import some new Illustrator CS6 and CS4 .ai drawings as this is my usual workflow. In order to set up the script to import Illustrator files with layers as I had done in Animate 2 I found 2 scripts on the Toon Boom forums. I had loaded and used the shorter one in Animate 2 and I had used it for years. Now in Harmony the script always returns a qt debugger error as it "Can’t find variable: Application.special folders.bin + "/Pdfimport… " See attached snapshots. The same thing with the other, longer script. As an experiment I have tried using my .tpl files from Animate 2 and they work in Harmony as layered Illustrator files. But the same Illustrator .ai files I used in Animate 2 to generate .tpl files, still won’t convert in Harmony the .ai files into .tpl files. I need to be able to import Illustrator .ai files with layers and the scripts won’t generate a .tpl file.

The scripting engine has changed in Harmony 10 so it’s not a good idea to use old Harmony scripts that worked at one time or to use Animate/AniPro scripts.

Clearly been using this toon boom software and is fantastic bt does not import Adobe illustrator files help bt m using trail