Illustrator layers import

Is very important add to new Animate versions, and patch the Animate 1, still widely used version, with the Import Illustrator files as layers in all Illustrator versions, item that was solved by scripting by Lilly, Toon boom support, in the Tips and Tricks thread.
Suggestion: little problems discovered in actual licensed versions, could be corrected with a patch at no additional cost to the user (as had occurred with Toon Boom Studio in the past), helping to improve the product that it´s already licenced. Thanks very much.


I second that. I’ve owned Animate (v1) for a while, but only recently started using it after moving from Anime Studio. I’m amazed that something I’d assumed would be fundemental to a product like this would be so seriously lacking. If you create vector artwork, you almost certainly create it in Adobe Illustrator, especially since the death of Freehand.
Come’on Toon Boom, please make this seamless and polished for both existing and new customers alike.