Illustrator issues


I’m having some issues with importing drawings done in illustrator cs5 into Studio 7. I have many backgrounds and characters already drawn and was hoping to import them as layered files. However, this seems to fail due to gradients and glow effects. The drawings either come out almost completely black or half the layers go missing. I have tried to convert the drawings to pdf, jpeg, png, swf, and psd to either import them as layers or as flat pictures. however, this seems to produce another variety of effects including white boxes around glow effects.

I have also tried lots of legacy outputs down to Illustrator 10 and still no joy. When I try to import the file, this message comes up:

Following errors occurred during insertion:
1- PDF and Illustrator files reported the following messages:

Unsupported Features:
Set Line Join Type
Set Line Cap Style

I take it this means that Studio can’t handle the effects?



TBS does not have line tip and line joints so there is no analogue. Try to avoid features that don’t have a counterpart in TBS.