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A question about importing illustrator-files…

I have Illustrator CS4 and Toon Boom Studio 4.5. (I’m on a Mac 2.16 GHz Intel 2 Core, 2 GB RAM, OpenGL graphic card)

When I import an ai-file, the result seems to be good. But when I zoom in on details, I see a lot of gaps between the fills and the lines (see screenshot below, I cirkeled the gaps with yellow). In Illustrator there were no gaps…

What’s the problem?!

Ief 1.png

Would you be so kind and export (File / Export Snapshot…(/)) your view…
Are you still seeing those gaps…?


When I export the file as a PDF everything looks fine when I zoom in, no gaps. Exact the same result as my original Illustrator file.

When I export it as a flash-movie (with some animation added) the result isn’t perfect anymore.


Well, I guess it might be a “graphic-card-display-issue”…?
(what graphic-card are you using…?).

In the Toon Boom Studio Preferences / Display / change from OpenGL to Quartz 2D,
or vice versa… - does that change the display-issue…?

No issues here with SWF-export…
(how high did you set the JPEG-Quality-Slider…?) - try 80…


My graphic card: ATI Radeon X1600.

Changed the Toon Boom-preferences to Quartz 2D, it seems to be better. Probably nothing to worry about (I hope).


Regarding your graphic-card, please read here what Ugo from Toon Boom is recommending:

(you might have to copy and paste the whole link)

(it’s slightly “old” (from 2007), but I guess, still relevant…?)