Illustrator import Harmony Advanced 12 not working.


I’m not able to successfully import Illustrator files into Harmony Advanced. They always come in empty no mater what settings I use.

I’m exporting from Illustrator CC 2014 into Harmony 12 (10076) Advanced on OSX Yosemite.

I’ve tried using CS2, CS settings etc…

Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need any more information to help debug the situation.



Well, I am still using Illustrator Version 11 files (CS) with OS X 10.10.3 (Yosemite).
They all import nicely into the Library of Harmony 12.

Try and save your files from CC 2014 to one of the “Legacy Format” options, like AI 9, 10, or 11…
Make them PDF compatible as well…

Hope thats helps ?

yep, you need select the “Create PDF compatible file” options in AI save option window.


I sort of got it to work one time by exporting illustrator CS then converting that to PDF in Apple’s Preview app. But it doesn’t do it reliably I exported the same file again and it didn’t work with the same settings.

I do seem to be able to import Flash so for now I’m going to export my illustrator work to Flash 2014 CC and then import the flash swf.

The swf import does seem to work.

But the illustrator directly importing is pretty broken for whatever reason I don’t know.


The Illustrator file needs to be compatible or saved as Legacy Illustrator 10 format (pre CS). Anything newer may contain features that are not understood by the software.


I switched Harmony to Windows and the feature does work on Windows.

I’m exporting as illustrator 9 fine. But I had to switch to Windows.

There is still something broken on the Mac version for this feature…


Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but my AI files (saved as PDF-compatible ver. 10) come in fine. Beautifully in fact.

I’m on a Win7 PC running Harmony Advanced.

I have tried converting my Illustrator files down to Illustrator 9, which did not work, but then took that file and converted it to a PDF, which worked with one file. But now is not working with any other files. I checked and made certain that the color profile was RGB, but I still can’t import my files.

I am on a MAC, running Maverick OS. I am on deadline. Can someone help me?


This is a major bummer and pretty hard to understand why it isn’t fixed yet. I tried importing pre CS legacy (10, 9, 8 ) and CS illustrator files (11 and 12), pdf and swf files none of which showed up in the library. I guess I’ll have to do twice the work to get them into harmony.

When I try to import, I select the stage library and then import. Something happens and a toggle arrow appears next to the stage library and when I click on it to toggle down, it disappears. So it kind of starts something and then just says What’s the point and poops out. I’ve also created a folder in the Stage library and tried importing into that with no result.

Hi There,

I was having the same problem,
changing the color settings in illustrator to RGB (HDTV 709) fixed this problem for me.

The only problem is that you’ll have te change soms colors in ToonBoom because some colors are a little bit different.

So I’m pretty sure it is a problem with the color setting from Illustrator and ToonBoom.

Hi Indi,

Can you let us know what file format you are trying to import into Harmony 12? We recently had a similar report on our community Discord and the issue was fixed by exporting the file as a cs-file.

I’d encourage you to try that first and then let us know if that still leads you to an error.

Has anyone been able to solve this, I only have Toon Boom Harmony 12, and I’m going through the same issues described here. I’m on a Mac, for some reason the main issue is the OS, but this should be a problem that should’ve been fixed by now, since its been years since there was a post regarding this. Has anyone found a solution on MAC?

I’ve uploaded a video explaining how I import my Illustrator files into Harmony with separate layers:

Hope it works for you!

Did you ever find a solution?

I’m experiencing the same problem. My only work around has been to open Harmony 11 and import the Illustrator file there, create the template, then re-open Harmony 12 and I can work with it then.

Wondering why it’s broken in version 12…