Illustrator import color issues

I’m receiving Illustrator files from a designer that when I import them into Harmony, the colors are slightly off from the original file. I generally have to manually correct the color values, but this is time consuming. Additionally, when I import them, they’re generally rather large which throws the scale to previous items that have been imported. Again I have to manually scale all artwork down which is time consuming.

Any thoughts?

Just a guess, but is your original Illustrator file created as CMYK colors? I get that alot from designers where I have to convert things to RGB. But I’m pretty new to Harmony, so I’m speaking generally. Can you give me a file that you’re using and I can take a look at it? Maybe I can find a way to help simplify things.

Brian thanks for the reply. I feel like I shouldn’t hand off any files as the project is still under production. Sorry!

But yes its set to RGB and I believe it is not being color managed.

Another thing that’s strange is that I’ll create a an AI doc using the Film presets at the same stage size (1280x720) and when I import it into Harmony the image comes in tiny. This is a pain because the different elements and characters are built to scale in AI but then they come in tiny each time. Its hard to maintain proportional scale.

hmm…had the same problem with .swf files too, we had to experiment with our stage size in flash so that it comes in the right scale in TB.
I’d be interested how you solve this problem.

Have you tried playing around during import?
There is alignment options on the import images window.
Rules: fit, pan or project resolution

Last time I imported a png background and for some reason it came out tiny and i changed my alignment rules to project resolution and that works.

so i was able to straighten out some of the scale issues. looks like the designer set teh document dimensions to “inches” and that would mae it go haywaire. When I set it to “pixels” and corrected the artboard to include the entire design, it would import correctly but with a hitch that I caught. Sometimes, it would import tiny into Harmony. Like, silly small. Then, I noticed in the Drawing Substition there there was another frame before it in the library. When I slid it over, there it was in its full size. I don’t know why it brought it in as two drawings, and strager still set it to the second drawing, but there we go.

some of the color issues i think are from the document being color profiled with “Adobe RGB” which i think Harmony does not possibly understand. i’m going to look into it further as I think the designer I work with wants to use AI more.

Harmony works in just raw RGB values. We don’t do colour profiles at all, which may account for a difference in look. If you plug in the RGB values from Illustrator, they are probably actually the same as the ones in Harmony, it’s just that Illustrator may be displaying them differently due to the colour profile.

For the size, working in pixels is definitely the safest. And if you want to keep everything on relative scale together, then use a peg to resize, and you can then attach all the elements to the same peg.


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