illustrator files are greyed out when I try to import them

I have some illustrator files that I need to import. I try to access them from file > import > images. But all the illustrator files on my computer are greyed out. I am having this issue with both version 15 and 14 of Harmony. I have also tried different legacy formats, but without any more success.

I hope some of you clever minds are able to help me

Open the Library Panel.
Select the folder you would like to use for your import.
Right click that folder and select Right to Modify.
Right click again, either the folder or the Library Panel and select Import Files.
Select your Illustrator file and click Open.

Alright, yes. That works. I thought I could just import them the same way as I import a bitmap without going through the library. This feels like a workaround, but it either way it gets the job done.

Thank you

It might be a bit counter-intuitive, since one would expect to be able to import anything via File > Import, but it’s the actual process to import Illustrator and PDF files into Harmony. I think the different processes come from the fact that Toon Boom software was designed with the main purpose of importing bitmap images, from a scanner or from a file, and convert them into vector files. The ability to import vector images from another software was added somewhere along the way. Through File > Import you convert bitmap into vector, through the Library you convert vector files from another software into Toon Boom vector files.

Luis Canau