Illustrator file won't import as layers in Harmony Premium 15

I have Windows 10, Harmony Premium 15.0, and illustrator CC.

I cannot get an illustrator file to download as layers, instead it’s importing as 1 layer with several drawings in the library.

It’s just annoying to distribute to layers as an extra step. Some of my older Illustrator files import as layers just fine. Not sure why these new ones are any different.

Yes, I have "PDF/Illustrator import as separate layers checked.

No, the script tutorial from 6 years ago (for which the script is 8 years old), doesn’t work. The process linked below does not work.


what works for me is saving my illustrator file as a legacy file. you should try saving it as a cs2 file. and try importing it like that.

As it was said by other users, that should work better with older versions of Illustrator. Toon Boom said previously that files have to be compatible or saved as Legacy Illustrator 10 format (pre CS).

I’ve uploaded a video explaining how I import my Illustrator files into Harmony with separate layers:

I am using the latest version of both programs (Illustrator V23 2019 and Harmony Premium V16), but I’ve been using this method for years and haven’t had a problem yet.

If you watch the video, please let me know if this works for you AND if it doesn’t work. I work on a Mac, I would be interested to see if it’s a Windows issue?

Fingers crossed!

ps. Happy to have a look at your file and see if it works on my end?