Illustrator CS5 import - no layers or transparency


I have a ton of Illustrator CS5 files to get into TBS, but when they import, the image is flattened and transparency is not supported. Is there any other format I need to convert to? I have tried pdf and ai (illy eps files not supported either I see) Do I need to downsave to CS4,3,2,etc??

Many thanks


Please note that there are some functions that are proprietary to Illustrator.
To have full supported functionality would require Illustrator 10 and below.
You can try downsaving the CSx as you mentioned as perhaps you the features you are using may be supported; you would need to try it.

Saving pdf and ai should import into Toon Boom Studio and if there are unsupported functions that were used, you will get an error but should still be able to import. Then you can do some adjustments in TBS.

Note that you can draw directly in Toon Boom Studio in vector format.

I hope this helps.