IK Nails not nailing

My character is doing push-ups. I want to nail the hands down and move the torso. I’ve done ‘Nail’ and ‘Hold Orientation’ on both hands, but the torso won’t translate. It will rotate, but when it does it moves the hands like there’s no nail at all. I tried putting the torso on a peg, and made it a ‘master peg’ but it’s the same thing, I can’t translate it, I can only rotate and rotating moves everything, including the supposedly nailed down hands. I’ve tried using IK manipulation on the pelvis (the top of my hierarchy) and I’m completely unable to move it using the IK manipulator, no translation, no rotation.

I had this same issue the last time I tried to use the IK manipulator while having a character bend her knees before a jump. I wound up just having to animate it like normal and go in and adjust her feet every few frames–I would love to not have to do this again.

(I’m using Harmony Premium on a Mac)

EDIT: Just to see what would happen I set up the ‘Enable Translation if top of hierarchy’ to the shoulder and the IK works, it just detaches from the torso–does this mean the problem likes in the torso?