IK nailed feet move slightly during posing

I am making my first steps with an IK rig and have a problem with setting nails during posing. I set a nail and hold orientation on the feet of my character then I grab the characters body (I think the IK tools picks the Master peg with “Enable Translation if top of the hierarchy”). The feet stay almost in place but move slightly (barely… like one or two pixels). Consequently the constraints tool doesn’t work.
What can I do so the feet stay exactly in place?

The constraints are working if I manage to hold the the feet in the same spot on the keyframes… my problem is more that during posing with IK for those keyframes the feet move very slightly when I stretch the puppet. Consequently the constraint tool doesn’t work well because the feet got moved a little bit in the next keyframe. Could I somehow softened the influence of the nails somewhere?

Are you saying that the contraints aren’t working? It’s normal that there’s a bit of a move in between two keyframes, but the constraints should remove that after the fact.


Not that I know of. The only thing I can suggest is that when you pin the foot, pin both the joint and the foot bone (orientation). This might help out a little.

What some people do is instead of using the IK for pinned feet, they have the feet just outside of the whole rig when they want them pinned. Then they reposition them manually in the right spot for that. In other words, they have a copy of the feet outside of the leg hierarchy, and they turn on the exposure on those feet only when pinned. Then the regular feet are used when they aren’t pinned to the floor.