IK min and max angles

Hi everyone, how are you? Can anybody please explain exactly how that minimum and maximum angles works? I’ve been doing lots of tests. and couldn’t discover a pattern in those tools behavior, the meaning of those handles and of that curve between them. We have two handles, the small one sometimes is green and sometimes pink, the bigger one is either blue or red. I couldn’t see no logic in this yet: how their positions affect the angle constraints, and why they sometimes change colors when you rotate them? All avaliable tutorials couldn’t explain these things deeply.
Besides, I believe that is hard to understand all that IK tools and options (angles, stiffness, apply constraints to the feet…) and that they all deserve more instructions here, maybe a tip of the week!
I´m using Animate 2 PLE, thanks everyone for your attention…

This answer is really disappointing for someone from the Toon Boom team. I have exactly the same question, and a mere reference to a video doesn’t cut it, as the video does not address the colours, red, blue, purple and green, of the handles. It looks like Toon Boom is now in the money-making business, helpdesk is non-existent and this forum is essentially dead?

You have perhaps not checked here yet:

The black part is part of the link, the interface for the forum cuts long URLs

Hello Eezacque,

As discussed on Discord with you, you ended up solving your own issue with the following:

“In Camera Preferences, the min/max angle constraint weight was set to like .000005, which means the constraints are basically ignored. This is mentioned in the Harmony manuals, but not in the Animate Pro documentation.”

So I will be logging this as a solved issue. Thank you for providing the community with the answer and although Animate is an older product, I’ll definitely take a note down that our documentation is out of date.