IK for Deformed Object that needs to stay Anchored?

Hello, I’m working for a studio fairly new to Toon Boom and looking for any tips and/or tricks that could smooth out this kink in our pipeline.

I have a frequent scene set-up where a character is holding a phone in their hand, and it is attached by a wire to a desk.
The wire is a separate layer, with its own peg and simple two-point curve deformer - which I animate by hand to keep the phone in the character’s hand connected to the desk.

Needless to say, this is extremely time-consuming.

I am not super familiar with IK, but from what I have looked into and experimented with, it does not allow me to simply peg down one Curve point of the wire’s deformation chain to the desk.
I have also tried sharing the functions of the phone or character’s hand to the Curve point that must follow the phone, but this does not work as it is the result of many, many movements in the character’s hierarchy that move the phone around, so it barely budges when linked to simply the hand alone.

Does anyone happen to know how I might get one point of the telephone wire’s curve to stick to the desk, and the other to follow a phone parented to the character’s hand?

Thank you very much!

Hi Vicorish!

If you are using Harmony 15 or more recent, I would suggest you use the Two-Point Constraint node.

Basically, it acts as somesort of an IK where you can have two anchor points (or more if you use the 3 or multi point constraints)

I’ve taken the liberty of making a little mockup here: https://fileshare.toonboom.com/wl/?id=mplDyGnoxdrUOZksyretBpkskSLHI9d9

I’ve kept the deformation on to give the constraint a bit more flexibility in the rotation, but at least both will remain anchored. : )

Let me know what you think!

Oh, this is perfect! Just what I was looking for.
Thank you so much for the mockup too, Genevieve!

Awesome! Be sure to check out our learning portal here for more tips on using constraints. : )