IK for Deformation Bones

Ok the Deformation Tools look great as i have followed all the videos by now!
But how could you nail down the feet?( as you would with ik mode on an cutout puppet).
for example move down the root of the body deformation bone group(with all the limbs follwoing as they were plugged in to the body kinematic outputs)
so the knees of a character would bend as the feet stay in place.
the defomration tools seem to offer a great bone system but it would really be a limit to the animation process if it should only work with FK by rotating on single joints all the time.

i thought maybe combining it with the ik mode might be something but i fear the whole deformation group would result in only one corresponding ik bone not regarding the single deformation bones that make up the deformation chain.

so i think deformation tools coukld need their own IK functionality or there should be a way to translate an existing deformation bone structure to a functioning ik mode bone structure 1:1

thanks again

Indeed, having some kind of IK functionality with Deform could be interesting to think about. I can ponder this one with the team.


I did experiment with creating two deform rigs, one from the top down, and one from the bottom up. Then you can switch from one rig to another through a drawing swap.

It worked very well for me. I did a Tip of the Week on this one a while back: