If iMovie is desaturating your videos...

I put together my exported Animate Pro scenes in iMovie but have noticed that iMovie desaturates the video considerably. After doing a bit of research it seems that this is a problem with iMovie. I found this website called “the iMovie Output Project” that not only explains the problem and why it’s happening, but it takes you through steps to get around the problem:

The site instructs you to open your .mov files in a program called JES Deinterlacer then re-import them into iMovie. JES Deinterlacer can be downloaded here:

There are not many cheapish movie editors for Macs so if you’re stuck with using iMovie I hope this helps you!

Also, it might be the codec that you are using. I find that the Animation codec or DNxHD(Avid) or AppleProRes(Apple) work really well with very little colour loss if youre exporting out a video. If youre going to export out an image sequence, Targa or PNGS would be your best bet. These options you can choose right off the export instead of going through another program.

I recently found the solution to my problem. I posted this a couple of weeks ago:

The faded colours issue had been driving me crazy, CRAZY!! No matter which format I exported my film as, compressed or not compressed, I was getting those bleh colours. So then I tried exporting as a PNG image sequence and success! Glorious unsaturated colours…until they were imported into a compositing program, exported and then the colours were BLEH again. No matter which program I used: final cut pro, quicktime pro, iMovie (all versions) etc I was getting the same results. After years of pulling my hair out and looking for a solution I found this discussion that might help: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2545461?start=0&tstart=0

Basically the article talks about Quicktime changing the colours so they don’t look too dark and oversaturated on tv screens. Experimenting with the workarounds discussed I now export my animation as an image sequence and adjust the gamma in Quicktime until I get a result that I’m happy with. I hope this helps!