If I Want to Improve Rendering Should I Upgrade my GPU or CPU?

Basically when my animation is done and I press play to see it. To improve the rendering time and frames per second should I upgrade my CPU or GPU?

Also as a side question is there a software update for Toon Boom?

ToonBoom isn’t a very graphically intenstive program - even a geforce 5200 (a very under-performing GPU) can run ToonBoom well.If anything, I do recommend that you upgrade your CPU for faster rendering. I should know… I run ToonBoom 5 on a netbook with a 1.6 GHZ Atom Processor (Ouch), and I can tell you that it is not a pretty sight.On the other hand, I run the same ToonBoom 5 program on a mac mini with the same GPU (intel GMA 945 G), and due to it’s Core two duo processor, it run much faster without lag.Theres my two cents. If I were in your same position, I would upgrade the CPU over the GPU. Hope this helps!

To answer your side question; It seems as if ToonBoom doesn’t necessarily release separate updates. Instead, you need to re-download the program (which upgrades your copy, if it is out of date), which shouldn’t be too hard if you have purchased a copy.