If I have multiple drawings on 1 layer [Peg question]

If I have multiple drawings on one layer , lets so an arm, split into 3 (Hand, Forearm and Biceps) So I will have 3 Bicep on one layer (Different drawings of course) Front, 3Quater, and side.

Now If I peg the first bicept, and then peg the second and 3rd, will that cause any affect to the previous biceps I have just pegged?

I am not 100% sure what you are asking but you can only have one peg per layer.

Sorry, I couldn’t really describe it lol
I’ll try again.

I make a new drawing, and draw an arm, then I move the time line across one layer and draw that arm again, but from a 3 quarter perspective.
Now if I peg the first drawing where the bicep joins the Forearm, then move the timeline over to the next frame (where I draw the 3 Quarter perspective) and peg that at the joint, would that mess up my first peg?

Basically, you know you can have multiple mouth shapes in one layer, and you can switch from the different mouth shapes.
Basically that, but with an arm and peg.

oh okay I get what you are saying.

Basically when you use the set pivot tool you can set a different pivot for each drawing. So you would use the set pivot tool to handle that situation by changing it the setting in the tool so it only changes the current drawing.

I’m not sure if either TheRaider or I have a clear handle on what you’re saying. Are you creating different arms (or different hands) to use in a master rig? In this case, you can, as TheRaider has said, place the pivot point for each drawing.

When you go back and forth between one frame and the next you should see that the pivot point changes from one to the other.

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