If I choose to buy a perpetual license, will I still receive product updates?

And if not, does it mean that updating the software would mean having to buy another perpetual license for a more recent version?

I meant that usually you would get a deal including the software and one year support and updates, not that you couldn’t have support for more than one year. I don’t see why you shouldn’t as long as you pay for it. This might depend on a deal or promotion available at a certain time, the number of licenses that you purchase, etc. I think that after some time, a couple of years, maybe, it might make more sense, considering costs, to update the software version than to renew support for an older version.

Luis Canau

Unless I am misinterpreting it and provided you are up to date at the time you purchase a support package, when you have the Silver or Gold Support packages you receive version upgrades at no cost so there would not be a debate to upgrade software vs. renew a support package and keep old software involved. That is of course unless you wish to use old software and it is covered by the support package. I think the decision to invest in at least a 2-year support plan is wise, given the frequency in which version upgrades are released. You should consider it as investing in both the support package and the future version upgrade.

In case anyone interprets that to mean Silver and Gold support in conjunction with a perpetual license is only available for a maximum of 1 year:

"Up to three years can be purchased offline for perpetual licenses (with a maximum of 24 tickets per year for Silver support)


Given that Toon Boom has been releasing new versions within 2 years, at the least 2 years of the Silver plan is an extra enticing investment.

Yeah you would, same way how if you get an adobe perpetual license subscription it always lets you get the latest version of CC.

Just to be sure, because Adobe doesn’t offer perpetual licenses for CC in particular, only CS6, which doesn’t receive updates. So is Toon Boom the same way as Adobe, or do even the perpetual licenses receive updates as if they were subscriptions?

I’m not sure about the current pricing model but in the past when you bought Harmony/Animate outright you had to pay for an update when a new version came out (unless of course you paid for an annual support contract that included updates for free). I would contact sales and ask them for sure. I would think that only the subscribers would get the updates for free, while the perpetual licenses would be entitled to an upgrade if one is released in the first year, and then after that they would have to pay to upgrade. That’s how a lot of perpetual licenses work.

Ooops, sorry i think i misread what you said. I thought you meant a monthly perpetual license, not a single use perpetual license. I’m pretty sure for that you get whatever version you bought license (say 12.x) and then you can use that forever unless you pay to upgrade to 13.x.

As far as I know, if nothing changed meanwhile, when you buy a Toon Boom perpetual license you’re buying a package that includes updates and support for one year. So if you buy version 12 now you should be entitled to upgrade to whatever version released during the year your contract is valid. After that, you will pay for upgrades.

Luis Canau

Just to add information on the topic, if you have Silver or Gold Support packages you receive free upgrades, including beyond the year mark of the software purchase as each contain this feature: [ source https://www.toonboom.com/support/offerings ]

Access to new software releases and updates”

A perpetual license includes Kick Start Support while the Silver and Gold packages are available to purchase at additional costs. A subscription license comes with Silver support.

Kick Start support includes: “Access to software builds with critical bug fixes

It says under Silver and Gold support for Perpetual License “Optional (1 year)”.

My question is why it is so expensive to buy a version of it vs buying it yearly? It wont get updates so why? Lol. And would they give a discount for students to buy a perpetual license? They don’t have that offered.

Hi, sorry if this was already answered. I got lost between all the information on support plans.

I only buy perpetual licenses without support plan.

I get updates only for the version I bought, for example, if you buy now you will receive all updates for Harmony 16 for free. Most of these updates are for fixing bugs and usability things, they rarely add new functionality (although there have been small exceptions). Additionally, if you have a good support plan active (gold I think, I’m not really sure), you’ll receive the new version when it’s released.

If you buy a perpetual license without support plan (my case), you decide if you upgrade or not with every release, you could upgrade every two releases and still receive a discount for upgrade a recent version.

If you maintain a yearly support contract with your perpetual license you will have access to all of the most recent releases of the software. You can purchase a Silver Support Plan or a Gold Support Plan. With Silver support you will have access to 24 cases per year, with Gold Support you have unlimited cases and the ability to downgrade to older versions if needed. We do offer special pricing for students switching to a perpetual license but you will need to contact us for more information. You can email us at insidesales@toonboom.com.

If you maintain a support plan (Silver or Gold), you always have access to the latest version. It is still much less expensive than paying for an upgrade every 2 versions even though the upgrade fee is less than purchasing a whole new license. If you’d like to learn more about our support plans you can contact us at insidesales@toonboom.com.