Ideal CPU / Ram / GPU that works best with harmony?

Hey there - I am looking to put together a new work system build and am looking into high-end options for a great spec system with Harmony.

The problem is - while there are benchmarks and advice for things like Photoshop, Aftereffects, Premiere, Blender, Etc - there’s not really much info I can find online about benchmarks or system builds built with Harmony in mind.

I don’t know if the system would run better on say, an intel 9900k CPU or one of the new competing AMD cpus that were recently launched. (Which AMD launched to compete directly with the 9900k. They reportedly have superior single-threading compared to Intel, which had been the king previously, and a lot of art/animation software uses single threading. I have no idea if harmony does or not though.)

I’m also curious how much ram I would want to spec to get efficient workflow - I was already planning on 32 GB as the general sweet spot for 2d artists, but a lot of 3d character animators use systems with 64gb of ram to maximize efficiency on more complex scenes. In fact, I just was working on a production with some rigs with a lot of complex moving parts that in some shots sent the 32gb computer I was on into a slow sluggish chug. I’m looking to avoid that kind of slowdown as much as possible with a powerful home build for my freelance work.

While we’re at it, I’m also looking into GPUs if necessary. I will be using the GTX 1080 I already have when I get my beefed out new system, until I upgrade it later on down the line - I don’t know if there will be diminishing returns though say, for upgrading to a 2080ti in Harmony. (I presume what matters most for harmony is the CPU and ram, not the GPU.)

Anyway, I hope I can get some feedback on this from tech-minded folks or even Harmony reps on this stuff.

Hi Match,

You can find our system requirements here:

Long story short:

If you are on Windows, we recommend a 64 bit OS version of Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 (excluding starter and home basic for 7).
If you are on Mac, we recommend macOS 10.12 or higher!

For your Processor, we generally recommend an Intel i7 or Xeon equivalent. A Intel i5 can work, but it may not give you the best performance.

We recommend a screen higher than 1080p.

Memory (Ram) should be about 16 Gb, although you can get away with a total of 8, although it might hurt your PC’s performance.

For video card, we recommend anything comparable to a GTX 1070 or higher. On the mac side of things, that is roughly a Radeon Pro Vega 64. Anything lower than that might run into performance hiccups. We do not recommend going lower than an Intel HD Graphics 4000 card or an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 card.

The best drawing tablets for our software are Wacom Bamboo, Intuous or Cintiq models.

Hope this answers all of your questions!


I am in a similar situation. Would greatly appreciate an answer as well. <3