Idea on how to make things more simple?

Im trying to think of a way to make things more simple using cut out animation.
Whenever i want my character to blink, i gotta go to the drawing layer of left eye, change it to half blink, then goto the next frame change it to full blink and then reverse this and goto the next eye doing it again. this is begnning to be an issue when my character blink tens of times in a film.
THERES GOTTA BE A QUICKER WAY!. i havent found it yet.
please advice! like if i can configure a button for a blink, when i press it, the program will know what to do in the next 4 frames regarding the eyes drawings.
thanks very much in advance.

Did you ever find an answer for this? Yeah, I know. Posted five months ago but I just started here. If you still need help with this take a look at using symbol. Here’s a good introduction:

On the other hand, if you already have it figured out then I’ve over-explained things and now look like a fool.

Nevertheless, if someone else happens along with the same question, there’s an answer.